Collectors Employment

Employment is available for individuals who are willing to promote products and services. Collectors earns between N10 to N40 per visit from friends on social account


Promoting business product and services of advertisers available on your work page


Payment is done directly to your bank account once your balance hits N1,000. You must request payout.

How to qualify

  • Active social account
  • Absence of fake news on your timeline
  • Active followers


Apply for this employment by registering on using any of the supported social account. once you are logged in, update your profile then click on "Start working"
Pick any advert you are intrested in by clicking on the promote button. Share on desired social account. You will earn between N10 to N30 per click (of click cost)

Payment is directly to your bank account which you are expected to configure on your collectors account

You can request for payment once you hit the minimium payment amount which is N1,000

Check your email for the disapproval note or contact us. Also take note of the requirements